Professor Kenneth S. Rogoff
Thomas D Cabot Professor of Public Policy
Economics Department, Littauer Center 216
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138-3001
Tel:      617.495.4022 

Professor Rogoff's Harvard Assistant for research, teaching and related activities:
Jane Trahan
Economics Department, Littauer Center
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138-300
Tel:     617.496.0062

In addition to academic research lectures at universities, Professor Rogoff also gives talks to a wide variety of audiences worldwide, including central banks, finance ministries, government and non-government associations, financial institutions, energy groups, and major companies.

For universities, government agencies and foundations, please contact Professor Rogoff's Assistant for Public Speaking:
Nicole Tateosian
Tel:     617.275.6866
Email: (Please also copy

For private sector speaking engagements for Professor Rogoff, please contact The Washington Speakers Bureau:
The Washington Speakers Bureau
Tel:     703.684.0555